Friday, September 26, 2014

On Patrol 2

An Imperial Tyrant cruiser intercepts the Chaos Murder cruiser lurking near outer system shipping lanes. The Chaos cruiser had been severely damaged in a previous engagement by an Imperial Lunar cruiser and was thought to still be in the system. This gives the Imperial forces a second chance to destroy the Chaos ship but it might be the Chaos Captain's chance to exact some revenge.

Turn 1

The Chaos ship, always ready for a fight, closes. The Imperial ship launches its prow torpedo batteries.

Turn 2

The Chaos ship fires it prow lances at close range, unable to score a hit. The Imperial ship does superficial shield damage.

Turn 3

The Chaos ship moves to the Imperial ship's stern and lowers its shields with a barrage from its starboard weapons batteries. The Imperial ship Reloads Ordnance and returns fire in turn lowering the Chaos ship's shields.

Turn 4

With both ships now abeam of each other and in range of their broadsides, the Chaos ship does not score any hits. The Imperial ship continues to do shield damage.

Turn 5

Both ships maneuver right along side one another and unleash the full might of their weapons batteries at point blank range.

Turn 6

The Chaos ship comes about catching the Imperial ship closing and lowers its shields. The Imperial Captain, seeing an opportunity, orders Burn Retros and fires torpedoes at point blank range. The Chaos ship fails its Brace For Impact test, and despite the defense turrets blowing up several, the torpedoes bypass the shields and hit the Chaos ship's hull damage.

Turn 7

The Chaos ship maneuvers to stay in the battles and the Imperial ship Reloads Ordnance.

Turn 8

The Chaos Captain curses his subordinates and tries to issue Special Orders to no avail. The Chaos ship limps away from the Imperial ship, unable to bring guns to bear. The Imperial ship fires its formidable weapons batteries at close range scoring a flurry of hits. The Chaos ship attempts to Brace For Impact but fails. The Chaos ship's shields fail and the ship takes 6 hull hits and causing critical damage! Thruster Damage causes another point of hull damage right away and the Bridge is permanently smashed making issuing Special Orders almost impossible. The Chaos ship is crippled.

Turn 9

The Chaos ship attempts to issue Special Orders but the Bridge is uselessly smashed. The Imperial ship continues to wheel around, moving in for the kill, and blasts the Chaos ship as it moves away. The Chaos ship takes its last point of hull damage. and is reduced to a Blazing Hulk hurtling through space.


The Chaos Murder cruiser had taken Catastrophic Damage and had been turned into a Blazing Hulk with uncontrolled fires blazing on every deck. The Imperial Tyrant cruiser moves off to a safe distance in case the Chaos ship explodes and looks on as it witnesses the fiery death of the traitor ship's captain and crew.

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